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tension and other genres for sync licensing.

 Music has been a major part of my life for decades.  Now working with sync licensing music.  My goals are to create long-lasting music partnerships with great music libraries and distribution companies.

All songs listed below are ready for immediate exclusive licensing.  Every song is self-composed; produced; mixed and mastered.

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CITYSCAPE is a musical journey through the emotions usually left lost and lingering behind everyone's door - in every city on the planet - as people navigate among the millions of others jammed together...all trying to be noticed above the tumult of city life.


SONGS: (emotion; setting)

NEW CITYSCAPE:  (amazement; upon seeing the city's skyline looming up ahead)

STILL DRIVING IN:  (hurried; as you drive in to begin the work day) 

UPTOWN THING:  (self-assured; briskly walking amongst the tall buildings and on to your job)

ON THE NEURAL NETWORK:  (energized; the busy work day begins for all)

THE ART OF WAR:  (anticipation; as you climb the steps that seal the deal)

HIGH STRUNG OUT:  (stressed; the day is long and full of both ups and downs)

FEELING THE BURN:  (exertion; lunchtime and letting off some steam at the gym)

FIVE ALARM FIRE:  (urgency:  chaos in the streets as a huge fire erupts only blocks away)

ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE:  (despair; not only for those displaced by the fire, but for so many others who experience the city's apathy)

FIFTIES FRINGE FEST:  (upbeat; it's Friday after work and before heading home, out with your colleagues for a few drinks)

SINGLE AND SEPARATELY:  (lonesome; for those who go home to an empty house or apartment, still unable to find Mr. or Mrs. Right) 

SUNDAY MORNING DAWNING:  (elation; home with your family and waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning with nothing to do except being with each other)

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