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Recording Equipment

   Music producer specializing in hybrid,
tension and other genres for sync licensing.
 Music has been a major part of my life for decades.  Now working with sync licensing music.  My goals are to create long-lasting music partnerships with great music libraries and distribution companies.
All songs listed below are ready for immediate licensing opportunities and more will regularly be placed on this site.  Every song is self-composed; produced; mixed and mastered.

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CITYSCAPE is a musical journey through the emotions usually left lost and lingering behind everyone's door - in every city on the planet - as people navigate among the millions of others jammed together...all trying to be noticed above the tumult of city life.


SONGS: (emotion; setting)

NEW CITYSCAPE:  (amazement; upon seeing the city's skyline looming up ahead)

STILL DRIVING IN:  (hurried; as you drive in to begin the work day) 

UPTOWN THING:  (self-assured; briskly walking amongst the tall buildings and on to your job)

ON THE NEURAL NETWORK:  (energized; the busy work day begins for all)

THE ART OF WAR:  (anticipation; as you climb the steps that seal the deal)

HIGH STRUNG OUT:  (stressed; the day is long and full of both ups and downs)

FEELING THE BURN:  (exertion; lunchtime and letting off some steam at the gym)

FIVE ALARM FIRE:  (urgency:  chaos in the streets as a huge fire erupts only blocks away)

ALL THE LONELY PEOPLE:  (despair; not only for those displaced by the fire, but for so many others who experience the city's apathy)

FIFTIES FRINGE FEST:  (upbeat; it's Friday after work and before heading home, out with your colleagues for a few drinks)

SINGLE AND SEPARATELY:  (lonesome; for those who go home to an empty house or apartment, still unable to find Mr. or Mrs. Right) 

SUNDAY MORNING DAWNING:  (elation; home with your family and waking up on a beautiful Sunday morning with nothing to do except being with each other)

all songs are copyrighted material


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